Thursday, March 20, 2008

She's 14 !!!!!

My oldest daughter Alyssa just had another birthday. I can't believe she is already 14...where did all the time go? Before long she will be driving. How sad, and scary, but happy all at the same time. This year for her birthday we kept it pretty simple. We spent a few hours at the mall, mostly browsing, and she got to try on a few fancy dresses, so that really made her day. It kind of cracks me up (her obsession with formal gowns) but I guess most every gal likes to feel like a princess from time to time, and hers just happens to be anytime we enter a store. I am thinking her wedding dress will be someting she gets a lot of use out of if she dosen't out grow this phase. Here husband will come home and she will be decked out veil and all cleaning house. LOL

I usually let the kids pick what kind of cake or desert they would like for their birthady, and this year Alyssa wanted an icecream sandwich cake. She found the recipe on the internet, and it was so simple, quick and yummy I thought I would share it all with you.

12 Icecream Sandwiches
1 jar of Hot fudge topping
1 Tub of Cool Whip
1 Small Chocolate bar

Place 6 icecream bars in the bottom of a an 11X7 pan, cover with halfof the hot fudge, and then half of the cool whip, repeat with remaining ingridents. Grate chocolate bar on top and freeze for 1 hour before serving.

Anyway like I said it was quick and easy and really good. Here are a few pictures.

He enjoyed the cake!!


Anonymous said...
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Sis. Lori P. said...

Your little guy looks like he's about to get sick! LOL! But he sure does look like he enjoyed his cake! You know what? Daughter #1 LOVED to go try on formal gowns w/her best friend when they were that age. I loved seeing them giggle and dream...what cheap entertainment! Has she seen the movie Enchanted yet? Watched it last night while still sick on the couch...what fun! Your daughters will absolutely love it!
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Cherrie said...

That is so funny about the veil and cleaning house. The cake sounds yummy, and the little one looks like he had a lot.

Mrs.Martin said...

India and I were laughing about the wedding dress and cleaning, that is totally our humor. LoL

I will be looking back for that ice-cream cake recipe too.

Happy 14th Alysa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chantel said...

That cake was so delicious! I will remember it for future occasions bcause it was so easy and yummy. The photo doesn't do justice to how cute and messy Hayden was that night!

meNmykids said...

Yummy! So glad that she had a good day. Time just flies.

momto3blessings said...

What a great birthday! That cake sounds yummy. Its my birthday today maybe I can talk someone into making me one!!!!!Yum!

momto3blessings said...

What a great birthday! That cake sounds yummy. Its my birthday today maybe I can talk someone into making me one!!!!!Yum!

JoAnn said...

WOW 14???Already??Where has all the time gone? I am so happy for her. She is such a nice young lady. As for formal gowns I have a beautiful white princess gown worn only once gathering dust in the closet. But it was so worth buying. Brings back happy memories every time I look at it.

Trina said...

Our kids grow up sooo fast! Alyssa is such a sweetheart and such a social butterfly. I love that about her. I loved trying on formal dresses too. I never had any place to wear one, but I loved to daydream about it. I cracked up invisioning her doing housework, once married, in gown and veil...hahaha You are so funny!! I am so glad you met us for coffee, I always enjoy you!

Marisela said...

Sis. Lori: No they haven't seen Enchanted yet, I went to the store to rent it and they were all out. Maybe next time...I want to see it too :)

Cherrie: I don't think he had to much. I know it looks that way in the picture. He was's hard work going to the mall with 5 sisters hehe

Teresa: I thought it was funny too. Glad you can relate to my humor.

Chantel: It was good to have you guys over. Glad we got to spend the day was nice.

Gale: I know! Just yesterday she was my little baby.

Cheryl: Well Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a good one!

JoAnn: She has a few gathering dust too. She would wear them to church if I let her :)

Trina: Thanks, I'm glad I met up with you helped brighten my day. Sorry they had you wait so long for my drink....your such a good friend to do that for me.

Kalisha said...

I've been 14 for a little bit longer than 4 months. What did Alyssa get for her b-day?

skylene said...

I used to love to try on fancy dresses too. It's a good thing I got over that though, I can't imagine trying on formal gowns with three kids in the dressing room! You know how it goes," Don't look under the doors!, stay in here! don't climb on that! Stop, dont' eat that gum!!!!

Jules said...

I'm going to have to try that cake, it sounds YUMMY! Time sure does fly! I actually remember you and Sean comiing to the July 4th celebration in Ridgeway, CO. when your kids were little. WOW! That doesn't seem very long ago. But anyway, it looked like you all had a great party. your baby looked a little sick in the last picture ;) Probably too much cake. Poor guy :)

Marisela said...

Kali: She got a couple shirts, and the Little House on the Prairie Book series.

Skylene: Funny, yeah I fear being exposed to the public every time I try on clothes with kids in the dressing room. :)

Julie: I remember that. It seemed back then when I looked at all the teenagers there that we were an eternity from having teenagers of our own, and look at us now. It really doesn't seem all that long ago.

Aimy said...

tell her i say happy birthday.

michelle said...

Hello friend, I am finally getting some time to myself! So I thought I would say Howdy! Tell Miss. Alyssa Happy Birthday for me! I definitely know the feeling! Jon will be 15 in July, and getting his permit and a summer job is the most important thing in the world! I don't have to watch while he tries on ball gowns every time we go to the mall but believe me I have spent plenty of time in the sporting goods store or the parts house! Jessica however does love the pretty clothes! and boy is she a shopper!!!

"Neena" said...

Wow! I can't believe she is already 14! It sure doesn't seem like a year since she was looking forward to her 13th birthday! Elysha is almost 14. I just thought of that. I can't believe this. Time is already flying, and I'm not even old yet! LOL. I'm not calling you, Mom, or anyone else old, by the way.

I thought that was very funny about her being decked out, veil and all, cleaning house. Trying on gowns isn't exactly my favorite thing to do... but then, shopping isn't exactly my favorite thing to do, either.

Anonymous said...

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billynbarb said...

The cake looks really cool and sounds delicious. I might try it maybe, I'm trying to cut out chocolate but failing miserably. lol

Anonymous said...