Thursday, September 24, 2009


I had decided I would write a post about each of my children on their birthdays, although Shelbi's birthday was almost a month ago I decided to write about her anyway. Shelbi is my second oldest child and she just turned 14 at the end of August. In fact her birthday is the last day in August, August Thirty-First. However when she was little she informed me that that didn't make any sense, if it's the last day in August why didn't they call it August Thirty-Last? She always keep me laughing with her mannerisms and her detail in each story she tells. Shelbi loves to read she will spend hours in her room reading, and if the house is to noisy I often can find her sitting outside in the van reading. Shelbi also loves little kids and babies and is very motherly. She is a good babysitter, and I appreciate all the times she has watched Hayden, most of the time she doesn't mind at all, and quite often she will volunteer to keep him or even take him to the park. Shelbi is a good girl who has a level head on her shoulders and when I visit with her I am often impressed with her philosophy on life in general. I look forward to seeing the person she will become. I love you Shelbi, and Happy Very Belated Birthday.